Welcome to the webpage of The Triple Helix Cambridge! We are the University of Cambridge chapter of a global forum for science in society, run by students at over 29 of the world’s leading universities.

Our umbrella aim, the point of our existence, the poetry to our prose, the stripes to our zebra, is improving the standards of debate on the interaction between science and society.

We do this by providing students with the necessary skills and a platform on which to actively partake in the discussion. With the Cambridge chapter as one of the most active ones across the globe today, our activities include:

  • Publishing a termly journal “The Science in Society Review”. Written, edited and produced entirely by students, it is full of wonderful and original insights, whilst an extensive reviewing process by senior academics keeps a check on our youthful ramblings and guarantees a high scientific standard for all of the articles we publish. Check out this page to read our journal online, request complimentary paper copies or download articles. 
  • Hosting panel debates and talks by expert academics and policy makers, exploring interdisciplinary issues surrounding scientific discoveries in our (and your!) everyday lives. See here for a selection of recent events.
  • Organising a variety of outreach events and workshops with the aim of engaging school students and nudging them towards contemplation of the vast and the tiny, the revolutionary and the mundane, the scandalous and the meticulous – the wonderful world of science and how it relates to them and to the rest of the world. Check out the Outreach page for what we are doing this year. 

And that’s not all! Our international presence and a united voice translate into a vast range of exciting opportunities for you to take part in, from expanding the presence of TTH in Europe to attending the annual TTH conference as a representative of the University of Cambridge.

We warmly invite you to explore the website and get involved! 

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To find out more or to sign up to our mailing list, contact president@camtriplehelix.com.