The Triple Helix began with its termly "Science in Society Review" and is still a key part of our society's numerous activities. We produce the termly magazine 'The Science in Society Review', and distribute 5,000 copies around the University of Cambridge's colleges and departments. Most of our authors and editors are undergraduates who work together closely to take an article from abstract to finished piece within a Cambridge term - no mean feat! A special feature of our articles is that they are all reviewed for accuracy by academics in the relevant field; a fantastic feedback opportunity for all of our writers. We also publish international features from other Triple Helix chapters around the world, and conversely our own authors have the chance to be published in 18 universities worldwide.

Issue 12: Lent 2011

Issue 12 Cover


Message from the Managing Editor
Adam Esmail

Message from the CEO
Bharat Kilaru

Cambridge Editorials

The Fresh Frontiers of NASA
Matthew Munton

Science and Religion: The Ongoing Conflict?
Tim Middleton

International Features

Music and the Mind: Can Music Benefit Those with Autism?
Elizabeth Aguila

Mental Health Relief Efforts in Haiti: Are We Learning From the Past?
Theresa Lii

The Great Disjoint of Language and Intelligence
Koh Wanzi

Caffeinated Youth: Regulation of Energy Drinks in Question
Margaret Kim

Cambridge Features

Your Genes Belong To Us
Gengshi Chen

Marine Litter: The Black Peril of the Sea
Amanda Wilson

What Makes a Pretty Face?: The Biological Basis of Beauty
Thomas Gizbert

Hoaxing, Forging, Trimming and Cooking: The Cases and Causes of Scientific Fraud
Colin Stoneking

Harnessing the Cognitive Surplus
James Scott-Brown

Issue 11: Michaelmas 2010

Issue 11 Cover


Message from the Executive Chair
Francesca Day

Message from the CEO
Bharat Kilaru

Cambridge Editorials

The Triple Helix Interaction: University-Industry-Government Relations
Claire Drurey

International Features

The Hobbits
Chun Ying Wang

Evolving Interaction in Robots
Andrew Sheng

Fighting Disease: Are Global Funds Misallocated?
Chana Messinger

Through a Baby’s Eyes: Studies in Infant Cognition
Megan Altizer

Cambridge Features

Are Environmental Charities Useful?
Francesca Day

The Achilles Heel of the Patient-Care Process
Kate Wiles

Reaching Out to Potential Scientists: Why should we care?
Pete Matthews

Reclaiming Planet Earth: A New Approach to Climate Change
David Loew

Zero: The Riddle of Riddles
Ritika Sood

Issue 10: Easter 2010

Issue 10 Cover

Cambridge Editorials

Vaccinations: Are the Fears Unfounded?
Zi Han Kang

International Features

The Guarded Gate: DNA Testing for Refugees
Nipun Verma

The Cyborg Beetle: Progress or Ethical Deterioration?
Neil Ray

The Neuroscience of Meditation: Perspectives, Conversations and Controversy
Cynthia Peng

E.Coli: The Cure for Cancer?
Kenneth Gao

Neuromarketing: Who Decides What You Buy?
Vicky Phan

Cambridge Features

The Reprogramming of Cell Fate
Chris Yates

DEBATE: Space Tourism is a Viable and Sensible Option for the Future
Laura Soul and Samantha Simic

2010: The Year of Biodiversity
Kimberle Shen

Will We Live Forever?
Junko Takata

Issue 7: Easter 2009

Issue 7 Cover


Message from the CEO
Julia Piper

Message from the President
Jenny Molloy

Cambridge Editorials

Worker Bees of the World, Unite!
James Kennedy

Save Us, Science!
Charles Parker

International Features

Debunking the "Mozart Effect": Differences between listening to and making music
Sarah Benjamin

Playing God with Synthetic Life? Starting with the Minimal Genome Project
Heather Pace

Touching Base with Tactile Contact: The role of touch in social relationships and infant development
Reeta Banerjee

Urban Agriculture: Farming of the future
Sonia Singhal

Cambridge Features

UK Physics Funding: Big Bang or Big Crunch?
Da Wei Wong

Why Do We Procrastinate?
Rebecka Skarstam

Is It a Bird? No, It's a Silent Aircraft
Daniel Gregory

Free Software, Open Source and the Information Age
Ximin Luo

Mind the Gap: Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults
Ali Ansari


An Interview with Athene Donald
Suryani Lukman

Issue 6: Lent 2009 - Special 800th Anniversary Edition

Issue 6 Cover

About the Magazine

Foreword for the Special Edition
Hannah Price, James Shepherd, Jenny Molloy

Message from the President
Hannah Price, Jenny Molloy

Message from the CEO
Manisha Bhattacharya


Asking a Few Academics Their Views on Cambridge

International Reflections on Cambridge
Debbie Lin

Cambridge - An 800 Year Old Fire-Setter?
Jenny Molloy

Special Feature

Conversations with Cambridge Nobel Laureates
James Kennedy

Looking Back at Cambridge History

The University of Cambridge's First Steps into Science
Anna Allan

Sir Isaac Newton
Fiona Douglas

The University of Cambridge and the Structure of DNA
Nicole Noronha

Sanger Sequencing
Yuemei Zhang

Sex and Science: A Cambridge Perspective
Ania and Madzia Kowalski

Helping Women in Science Today
Ania and Madzia Kowalski

Are We Our Brains?
Gregory Lewis

Cambridge Neuroscience at a Glance
Anna Allan

A Short History of the Cavendish
Daniel Gregory

The Influence of J.J. Thomson
Eric Anderson

Cambridge's Search for Self
Harsh Bhatt

The Miracles of Medical Imaging
Nicholas Tan

Synthesising Success
Jenny Molloy

A Journey for Mice & Men
Goh Zhaojing

A Toast to Twinned Toes
Wee Liang En

Looking Forward with Current Research

Out of the Lab
Alice Young

What's the Most Evolved Thing About Humans?
Harriet Feldman

The Darwin Correspondence Project
Rachana R. Narayanan

A Day in the Life of a PhD Student
Ciara Metcalfe

Product of a "Nobel Prize Plantation"
Kate Weber

Nanotechnology: Chemistry to the Fore
Shreyas Mukund, Sophie Deltour, Suryani Lukman

Taking a Look Inside a 'flu Research Laboratory
Emily Brown

Cambridge Science Park
Jinyue Liu

Climate Change in the Earth Sciences
Zi Han Kang

The Bridges of Cambridge
Kristine Liao

Watch This Space

Cambridge in the Community

Cambridge Reaching Out
Rachana R. Narayanan

Students: Cambridge University Eco Racing
Ellis O'Neill

Students: The iGEM Project
Ellis O'Neill

Cambridge Science and the Public
Fleur Bone

About TTH

What Does The Triple Helix Cambridge Do?

Issue 5: Michaelmas 2008

Issue 5 Cover


Message from the President
Hannah Price

Message from the CEO
Manisha Bhattacharya

Cambridge Editorials

Getting Progress Back on Track
Thomas Kluyver

Carbon Capture: Permission to Pollute?
Rebecca Murphy

International Features

Deep Brain Stimulation: The Quest for Cognitive Enhancement
Jennifer Ong

Bits, Bytes and Property Rights
Chris Milroy

Brain Scans: Valid Legal Evidence for Criminals?
Christie Ciarlo

What Lies Beneath: Should Museums Repatriate Their Collections of Ancient Human Remains?
Mubing Duan

Cambridge Features

DEBATE: There is No Point in Making Personal Lifestyle Changes in Order to Reduce CO2 Emissions
James Kennedy

Sequencing the Human Genome: Blessing or Curse?
Ania Kowalski

Is Obesity Contagious: The Spread of Behaviour through Social Networks
Jenny Molloy

The Caffeine Culture: Is it Ethical to Market Caffeine as an Innocuous Cup of Coffee?
Jinyue Liu

Physics Education: What's Wrong?
Caroline Sandford

Cryonics: Public Debate Gone Cold?
Mark Hunting

Issue 4: Easter 2008

Issue 4 Cover


Message from the CEO
Manisha Bhattacharya

Message from the President
Hannah Price

Cambridge Editorials

The 'Fat Tax'
Thomas Kluyver

Ghosts in the Machine: The Impact of Hacktivism
Thomas Ling

Events Reports: Should We Ration Free Healthcare? Who Owns Our Genetic Data? How Can We Secure Energy? What Makes Us Obese?
Jenny Molloy

International Features

Cover Article: China's Economic and Environmental Footprint in Africa
Caroline Lee

Protecting the Terminally Ill: Is Present Medical Research Structure to Credit or to Blame?
Kathryn Gouinlock

Do We Need to Explore Space?
Kartavya Vyas

Networks, Information and Society
Rohan Dixit

Unconscious Advertisement: The Role of TV Drug Ads
Anthony Choi

Cambridge Features

Psychosurgery: Cruelty or Cure?
Harriet Feldman

Is the One Laptop Per Child Project the Way to Bridge the Global Digital Divide?
Michael Smith

Earthquake Deaths in the Third World: Preventable or Inevitable?
Laura Soul

Quantum Cryptography: Uncrackable Codes?
Michael Turner

Air Conditioned Earth
Jenny Molloy

Issue 3: Lent 2008

Issue 3 Cover


Message from the CEO
Manisha Bhattacharya

Message from the President
Tanyella Allison

Cambridge Editorials

Intelligent Design: The Threat in the UK
James Shepherd

Cover Story: Women in Science - Why So Few?
Charlotte Strandkvist

A Broader Spectrum: Supporting 21st Century Science Education
Ian Hunter

Stem Cells: Problems Solved?
Emily Brown

International Features

Coeliac Disease: Increasing Awareness through Legal Intervention
Jonathan Sung

Is the Sunshine going to Waste? Harnessing Solar Radiation in Singapore
Low Ying Hui

Breathing in the Problem: A Link Between Inhalant Anaesthetics and Alzheimers
Shiraz Rahim

Think Again: Integrating Psychological and Physiological Factors in Diagnostic Medicine
Laura Felley

Care or Cure? Choices in Paediatric Care
Maggie Paul

Cambridge Features

Capturing Carbon: An Alternative Way of Dealing With Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Thomas Kluyver

A Scientific View of the Cannabis Debate
Thanusha Ananthakuma

El Nino: How to Prepare for Disaster
Helen Clifford

Uniting Science - Can the European Union Lead the Future in Scientific Research?
Shreyas Mukund

Too Little Sleep? The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
Imran Noorani

Bone Marrow Transplantation: A Gift to Society
Jacky Wong

Issue 2: Michaelmas 2007

Issue 2 Cover


Message From The CEO
Manisha Bhattacharya

Message from the President
Tanyella Allison

Cambridge Editorials

Climate Change: The Cultural Cost
Tanyella Allison

Is Tree Planting More Than Just Show?
Thomas Kluyver

Time to Revoke Invalid Gene Patents?
Hannah Price

International Features

The Case of the Pillow Angel
Julia Piper

Neuroscience and Law
Michael Amber

A Modern Philosopher's Stone
Konstantin Kashin

Global HIV Prevention Policy
Stephen Cox

Cambridge Features

Full-body CT Scanning
Ian Hunter

What Open Innovation Means for Scientists
Adrian Slusarczyk

The CSI Effect: TV's Impact on the Future of Forensic Science
Audry Lee

Are We Still Evolving?
Victor Chong

The Golem in the Room: Technology and its Central Role Within Society
David Brown