Issue 6: Lent 2009 - Special 800th Anniversary Edition

Issue 6 Cover

About the Magazine

Foreword for the Special Edition

Hannah Price, James Shepherd, Jenny Molloy

Message from the President

Hannah Price, Jenny Molloy

Message from the CEO

Manisha Bhattacharya


Asking a Few Academics Their Views on Cambridge

International Reflections on Cambridge

Debbie Lin

Cambridge - An 800 Year Old Fire-Setter?

Jenny Molloy

Special Feature

Conversations with Cambridge Nobel Laureates

James Kennedy

Looking Back at Cambridge History

The University of Cambridge's First Steps into Science

Anna Allan

Sir Isaac Newton

Fiona Douglas

The University of Cambridge and the Structure of DNA

Nicole Noronha

Sanger Sequencing

Yuemei Zhang

Sex and Science: A Cambridge Perspective

Ania and Madzia Kowalski

Helping Women in Science Today

Ania and Madzia Kowalski

Are We Our Brains?

Gregory Lewis

Cambridge Neuroscience at a Glance

Anna Allan

A Short History of the Cavendish

Daniel Gregory

The Influence of J.J. Thomson

Eric Anderson

Cambridge's Search for Self

Harsh Bhatt

The Miracles of Medical Imaging

Nicholas Tan

Synthesising Success

Jenny Molloy

A Journey for Mice & Men

Goh Zhaojing

A Toast to Twinned Toes

Wee Liang En

Looking Forward with Current Research

Out of the Lab

Alice Young

What's the Most Evolved Thing About Humans?

Harriet Feldman

The Darwin Correspondence Project

Rachana R. Narayanan

A Day in the Life of a PhD Student

Ciara Metcalfe

Product of a "Nobel Prize Plantation"

Kate Weber

Nanotechnology: Chemistry to the Fore

Shreyas Mukund, Sophie Deltour, Suryani Lukman

Taking a Look Inside a 'flu Research Laboratory

Emily Brown

Cambridge Science Park

Jinyue Liu

Climate Change in the Earth Sciences

Zi Han Kang

The Bridges of Cambridge

Kristine Liao

Watch This Space

Cambridge in the Community

Cambridge Reaching Out

Rachana R. Narayanan

Students: Cambridge University Eco Racing

Ellis O'Neill

Students: The iGEM Project

Ellis O'Neill

Cambridge Science and the Public

Fleur Bone

About TTH

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