The Triple Helix is a student society at the University of Cambridge that deals with issues of Science in Society. So far the Outreach section has done a debating competition in conjunction with the Darwin Festival, other smaller debates on topics such as Obesity, banning low cost airlines and paying organ donors, as well as smaller group based discussions in ethics, biology, chemistry and physics areas. We are also involved with the Cambridge Science Festival and Excellence East.

We generally use our journal articles as the basis for these activities, but may also be able to tailor-make a workshop on request. The workshops we are able to offer depend on the volunteers that can run them, so please contact us and we'll see what we can do!

The society produces a termly journal, The Science in Society Review, which contains articles written by students at this university (and some international articles) that are then reviewed by academics. We are starting a school subscription scheme to the journal, and ask for a donation to cover postage costs/support our society.

Alternatively you can request copies of some articles that we have chosen to re-edit to GCSE/A-level standard, these should be available online in the near future.

We are launching a new e-mentoring scheme for sixth formers interested in science writing. Find out more here.

For more information please contact outreachdirector@camtriplehelix.com